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Upcoming Dates

Call time for all Home games is 5:30 PM.

10/21/16 - Beckman - Home Game Click here for full schedule. Help out at a game.

10/26/16 - Irvine Band Spectacular

10/28/16 - White out away game vs. Uni @ Uni

10/29/16 - Irvine Invitational Feild Tournament (IIFT)

11/3/16 - Corna Del Mar - Home Game (THURSDAY!)

11/5/16 - Disney Parade

VIMB Meeting - Tuesday, October 18 at 7:00 pm in the music room.

Get Involved

It's that time of the year! Time to sign up to help out with IIFT. This is our biggest fund raiser of the year. Please donate food and come work a shift or two. Help preserve the best music program in all of California!!

Click to work at the event.    Click here to donate food.

View descriptions of each IIFT job here.

Sign up for Football home games here.

Sign up to come to field tournaments here.

It's HOT out there. Please contribute a flat of bottled water so we can keep everyone hydrated during the games. Your student can bring the water to the band room.


IBS Music

2016 Wind Symphony Fall Concert Music

2016 Philharmonic Orchestra Fall Concert Music

Drill Video First Movement

Drill Video Second Movement

Drill Video Third Movement

Dot Charts and Coordinate Sheets

1st Movement Charts

1st Movement Coordinates

2nd Movement Charts

2nd Movement Coordinates

3rd Movement Charts

3rd Movement Coordinates

2016 Marching Band Music

Listen to the Band Camp Music

Opener - Brass Parts

Opener - Wood Wind Parts

Middle - Brass Parts

Middle - Wood Wind Parts

Middle - Percussion Parts

Closer - Brass Parts

Closer - Wood Wind Parts

Closer - Percussion Parts