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2014-2015 Marching Band Schedule

Welcome to Band Camp!

Bingo - Click here for online sign ups! Thank you to our volunteers. New bingo dates are available! Please sign up for your two volunteer shifts.

We really need your help with bingo! Bingo provides funds for music purchases, instrument instructors, and instrument repairs.

Please be sure to add to your email contacts, so you will receive our informational emails.

Upcoming Events:

School begins September 2nd!

First football game is September 5th. Go to Marching Band Schedule for all games.

Music Links for 2014-2015 Marching Band Click Here!

Charts & Coordinates on Music Links Page Click Here!

Donations are needed! Drop off in music room!
Freshmen & Sophomores - Case of water
Juniors & Seniors - case of soda - Pepsi, Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Root beer - No Diet sodas please!